“Twenty years ago process professionals drew their inspiration from engineering. The organisation was seen as a machine. Twenty years from now there will still be process professionals, but they will draw on science – especially biology – rather than engineering. The organisation will be seen and managed as a living entity.”

Quote from a recent Process Mapping seminar at which presenters Brad Power and Jim Champy talked about the evolution of process thinking.

Adroit & DNA

At Adroit & Associates we already think of organisations in these biological/living identity terms. We wholeheartedly believe that every organisation has its particular DNA - two strands that run in parallel but constantly overlap each other.  One strand is ‘business behaviours’ (saying what and how business is done), the other is ‘business operations’ (doing what has been said).

Sometimes businesses need to change the way they work. It might be due to a strategic plan, a new initiative, a business problem, or an opportunity to improve. Whatever the trigger, any change in the way you work, by its very nature, has the potential to change the DNA of the organisation, causing behaviours and operations to become misaligned.

At Adroit & Associates we take an agile and iterative approach to defining the way your business works, identifying quick wins and longer term initiatives, and helping deliver results.

Our complex and varied past engagements have provided us with the advanced practical and communication skills to visually capture the way your business operates and your workforce behaves. We engage with all levels of business stakeholders; using the Business Definition Framework methodology and specialist mapping software from various vendors to define, share and improve how your business works.

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