4 Strategy to Reality

When… the step by step ‘Client Boarding’ process for a global company was not clearly defined and resulted in a less than perfect client experience – there was a need for change. 

The on-boarding of clients was a multi-step approach that involved stakeholders in different countries. Each stakeholder would be responsible for completing their activities before handing them off to the next stage of the process. The hand-off points were not clearly defined and the time taken to on-board clients was variable… resulting in a less than ideal experience for the client and a lack of agreement from internal stakeholders on what ‘good practice’ looked like.

What… Adroit & Associates captured the activities of each stage in a visual, hierarchical map, enabling each stakeholder to fully understand their activities in terms of outputs and outcomes.

The hierarchical map coupled with its capability of embedding key documents such as questionnaires, terms and conditions, web links etc., not only made sharing the knowledge amongst respective stakeholders easier than before but, more importantly, the stakeholders could share knowledge in context.

Why… benefits were realised when the interfaces between stages/departments were visualised and discussed. It became very clear, very quickly, what a predecessor needed to deliver to their successor to enable a rapid and successful handover.

It also became clear to both parties why certain deliverables were required.  Such clarity helped key stakeholders from different parts of the globe agree and sign-off the client on-boarding process.

How… can we add further value?

By adding metrics to the activities and, where possible, streamlining them to further improve the quality of the client on-boarding experience as well as its cost effectiveness.

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