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We offer a range of Tools & Services that enable organisations to innovate and change. We adapt them to fit their chosen marketplace and drive adoption from launch through to exit.

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Business Operations Tools & Services

Business Behaviours Tools & Services

Business Activity Maps

We visually capture the way your business operates and your workforce behaves. We engage with all levels of stakeholders via 1 to 1 interviews, group workshops, ‘at desk’ observations, as well as through local and remote audits; using the Business Definition Framework methodology and specialist mapping software from various vendors to define and share how your business works.


Cultural Transformation

With accredited CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) consultants, Adroit & Associates can help you gather the necessary data that whether the organisational climate your workforce experience is motivating them to give of their best, and what might be needed to change and encourage them to give more.


Workforce Collaboration

Adroit & Associates has a broad experience from configuring Intranet to developing full blown database style applications that are integrated with 3rd party applications. During the years of working with clients we have evolved an approach that reduces risk, builds trust and facilitates the cost effective roll out of SharePoint within organisations.


Knowledge Transfer

Adroit & Associates courses are based on the essential training that users need to be able to understand the key principles of process management and how these principles can be applied using either generic or specific business activity mapping software.


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