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Successful Collaboration

Posted on March 26th 2016

Collaboration in Business Behaviour (Culture) and Operations - Creating value, investing in ideas, and discovering untapped internal knowledge by enabling teams to work together. It is nearly impossible, in today’s business environment, to have a conversation about evolved practices without discussing collaboration.


People, Process, Purpose - A Must Watch & Listen

Posted on March 11th 2016

An excellent watch and listen to the end - - animated presentation by Dan Pink - People, Process, Purpose - what really motivates a workforce... and it isn't about financial rewards! Thanks to RSA Events and Dan Pink for permissions to share the presentation. •The RSA website ( is published together with a copy of this policy statement in a prominent position; •The file is not altered and is used in full (the use of extracts under existing fair usage rights is not affected by this condition); •The work is not resold or used for commercial purposes; •A copy of the work or link to its use online is emailed to the RSA Events team. By downloading RSA public events audio and video files, you are confirming that you have read and accepted the terms of this RSA open access licence.


Why we are all visual learners at heart

Posted by Sam on January 11th 2016

At Adroit & Associates ‘We provide resources that rapidly visualise and solve business problems... helping you get the right results faster.’ By providing highly visual work maps that allow users to quickly identify pain points and bottle necks within your company to improve upon efficiency gains, or simply to visualise how work works within your company.


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