Cultural Transformation

We believe that every organisation has its particular DNA - two strands that run in parallel but constantly overlap each other.

One strand of DNA is ‘business behaviours’ (saying how business is done) and the other strand is ‘business operations’ (doing what has been said).

Systems can never be more effective than the people who implement them.  With accredited CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) consultants, Adroit & Associates helps you to gather data to show how far your organisational culture motivates your workforce, and where to focus your attention to achieve more.  Gaining the best from your workforce adds significantly to your productivity.

You have probably defined your organisation’s operational processes. Have you also defined your organisation’s values? And if so, how do you know that they are shared by all members of your team? Consciously or unconsciously, our values drive our behaviour.  Our diagnostics show in simple diagrammatic form  both whether your values meet your business needs, and the extent to which they are shared and experienced by your entire workforce. When there is a disconnect between the values espoused and those experienced, integrity is undermined and discontent and disillusionment follow. The first step is to identify the match between espoused values and those experienced; the second is to help you to ensure that behaviours which support stated values are the norm. When you tap into your employees' values, their motivation increases, they enjoy what they do and are ready to go the extra mile. In short, everybody benefits.


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