National Jigsaw Day

We are fans of them too... so much so that we have had representations of them on our website for some time now.

Well, when your work is about people, process and problem solving... why wouldn't you?

Interestingly, Adroit & Associates' two Directors have two different approaches to jigsaw puzzles, supporting Adroit & Associates' belief, that every organisation has its particular DNA - two strands that run in parallel but constantly overlap each other.  One strand is ‘business operations’ (doing what has been said), the other is ‘business behaviours’ (saying what and how business is done).

I'm more of an operations kind of person and have been known to spend weeks slowly piecing together large jigsaw puzzles but Gordon is certainly a behaviours person, take a look at some of his puzzling pieces of work...

Posted by Robert Leitch on November 3rd 2015

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