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During a recent meeting with a Director of a large national company our conversation came around to high employee (people) attrition rates leading to reduced quality of product and services (process)…it all sounded like a standard cause and effect.

However, the company, along with the employee attrition, was experiencing a period of growth and was recruiting rapidly.  Growth in a mature company can often result in a crisis of physiological saturation of employees (people get overworked and continual professional development falls by the wayside) and rapid recruitment often results in dilution of company best practice (process)…not a good environment for quality to be maintained, let alone improve.

Although many of the people and the process issues can be addressed by mapping the business and defining it in a framework, the root cause goes deeper…and it got me thinking about this RSA animation of a Dan Pink talk on ‘Drive The surprising truth about what motivates us’.

Perhaps the true value of creating a visual map of how work… works, can be extended to help with autonomy, mastery and identifying purpose?

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Posted on March 11th 2016

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